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Please, NO "WHISKEY=TANGO=FOXTROT!!!" reactions!!! :)) I have got you a gem (hence forth referred as sammy, Sam, Thalai, Andy etc..!!)... so read on...!!!
GOD said let there be LIGHT!! n there was LIGHT..
GOD said let there be SOUND!! n there was SOUND..
GOD mistakenly said "roll CAMERA" followed by ACTION!!! n there was OUR DUDE...SAM ANDERSON!!!
GOD never made such mistakes again.... He was so impressed wid His creation for the first time...:D

peoplez!! lemme take the Pleasure and Pride in introducing the New Heart-Throb on the Galaxy.... The Future hope of our only Way towards the Oscars.He is SAM ANDERSON, naah not a hollywood star!! But he is from OUR OWN TAMIL FILLUM INDUSTRY..TOLLYWOOD!!!
Fondly Referred as "THALAI" (means LEADER in tamil)... this ERODE BOY, Sam never wanted to act in films. He was happy mentoring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Brad Piit, Russel crowe, mel gibson, Banderas and the likes in Hollywood... But these Junior Artsits like Kamal Hassan, Rajani Kanth, Amitabh Bacchan, Shah rukh khan were CONNING people big time calling themselves SUPERSTARS..!! Things were getting to his nerves!!
Thats when this HANDSOME SKUNK decided to enter into Movies..!! music director JOE STANLEY's directorial venture YAARUKKU YAAR*** was the movie... WHATTA DEVASTATING DEBUT IT WAS!! Frankly our Thalaivar (leader) Sam Anderson entered the Tamil film industry with a loud bang, bigger than that of the last Supernova or the Horse's fart...........a star was born, a true Super Star was born. ***[At this moment of national emergency.naa lets make it global crisis.. I take the responsibility in warning the viewers about the amount of laughter this movie can get out of you...So lissen up all pot heads...There are cases of death outta laughter being reported ... So please be in a sane mind while watching it.. *DISCLAIMER for the movie - An intoxication + addiction !!Im still tryin to recover from the hang over!!]
A very rare combination of Talent + Dance + Dialogues + Screen Presence + Dressing Sense + Oh my God ... am I summing up all the talents ???? amazingly innovative dance steps, costumes and punch dialogues. With just two Youtube videos, Thalaivar gains worldwide recognition as being the face of Tamil Cinema !!!

Whole of the world is scared of this man.!!!
* Half of the Tamil Politicians and movie stars are scared. They dont want Sammy to enter POLITICS. Knowing his craze and that he will surely surpass the rest of the brigade SOLELY DUE TO his popularity, CHIDAMBARAM announced 60,000crores farmer loan waiver... can you blv it..??? BUT TALAI IS TALAI... HE IS THE ONLY THING right now in people's mind!!!
* Cinema Halls/MULTIPLEXES in Rest of India dont play his movie!! cos they Dont have a RESERVE BANK near to those theaters, to kEEP THE ENORMOUS BOX OFFICE COLLECTIONS
* Rajani is psyched totally!!! NOW PEOPLE KNOW WHAT IS ISSSHTYLE ==>
Tamil suppastar VIKRAM goes mad !! ==> Rajani/kamal/vijaykanth/Balayya/Mithun are ashamed of themselves... cos this guy is a TOTAL SUPER DUPER HOT ROMANTIC ACTION HERO!!! The FUTURE SENSATION, The HEART THROB of MILLIONS of FANS ...the ONE & ONLY : SAM "THE GOD" ANDERSON!! by the way....."he is a natural comedy actor, dont ask me why...I have a 'gut' feeling...[8)]

10 UNKNOWN Facts about Almighty Sam!!!
1. Fact of independence - british gave india independence cos their astrologer predicted the birth of sam anderson
2. Don bradman was not able to make 4 runs in his last inning and thus his average remained at 99.96 coz someone told him sam anderson is the next bowler
3. Sam Anderson once taught a king cobra how to talk japanese
4. Diana wanted to get cosy with Sam, but Thalai refused her coz of his close relationship with Queen Elizabeth. Buckingham palace was a servant quarter built for thalai's servants.He gave it to the queen as a gift.
5. Historians are trying to rename post 1977 era as AS (after Sam...a la B.C. and A.D.
6. newton made 3 laws.........coz sam anderson told him to do so
7. He can design cars with just 5 indian rupees.... (2 rupees for drawing sheet + 3 rupees for crayons.)
8.The first satellite launched was actually a electronic gadget that Andy built when he was bored!!
9. The Moai Statues on Easter island were carved to look like Sam's face.
10. The Great Wall of China was built when he was in layschool, so that Sam can play high jump whenever/wherever he wanted.
Adhanda Thalaiyoda mass-u, class-u, dhoos-u..........ellam!! thalai vaazhga...NAA LIFE LA IPPUDI SIRICHAADU ILLA!![Thats Thalai's CLASS-MASS APPEAL....!!!! Sarvam talai mayam!!!.. I havent laughed like this in my life...:)) ]

[Disclaimer: No disrespect to any historic character, (even if it is)living or (luckily)dead]

GET THIS FACT RIGHT, Bollywood never does a good job of depicting history. True there are some good movies made on the modern period but somehow history has never been the strong point of Bollywood. I have no clue why, we always do a very bad job there. I am not surprised that Jodhaa Akbar turned out poor, the cast was enough to tell what’s about to come. Went to see vignettes from Mughal royal life!!! BUT DISAPPOINTED!!!

MY BIGGEST WORRY IS. Why can’t Bollywood get over this guy-loves-girl center plot. Gowarikar had the opportunity to make a great movie by taking the Jodha part out and instead portraying the life and reign of perhaps the most powerful man in Medieval Indian History. He totally called it wrong. I had faith in him after massive hit=LAGAAN and moderate SWADES!! Now it looks he is getting back to his OLD SELF of Stupid BAAZI and PEHLA NASHA days!! Here he has attempted a school drama with a STUPENDOUS BUDGET!!!

I am afraid...RONNIE SCREWALA, Producer..... might really get SCREWED!! Anyways its gonna be part of the history too... lol

Because, I JUST DONT WANNA SAY "But for Indian standards, it was good". By saying that you submit to the fact that we are capable of making only average movies. We are like that only. No no no. At this day and age, we do not have any disadvantage. So, lets not make any excuses. You have the best TECHINCIANS and FACILITIES.. Its a bit a of research and Preparation in terms of WHAT AUDIENCE expects from you, that you have work on!!!....

The MOVIE is well made on some parts... ON THE WHOLE it LACKS SUBSTANCE. I had only QUESTIONS( stupid they may seem) during this LONGEST EPIC..:(

why does the Empress of India always sit on bare floors whether in the dining hall/bedroom/wherever? where the hell are those famed Persian rugs? why not even plastic chairs in the Emperor of India’s courts? why are all conspiracy (security/familial) issues discussed in diwan-e-aam? why does the Emperor negotiate with a rebel in a way that reminds you of Indian PMO? why so many stray people in the Emperor’s bedroom? why does no royal go to sleep in comfortable nightwear?And How the hell do you see a pile of potatoes in the royal kitchen. I thought potatoes came in India during Jehangir’s time and not before. But then, it was not meant to be a history lesson, but pure entertainment...

Some good performance here n there!! Powerful Hrithik to Plastic Ash (O boy, what was she doing in dat white Ninja get up!!??? "Tere Salwar Mein Mera Talwar" kind of scene" "elephant taming...:P" And some gorgeous cinematography eg: when akbar return to amer fort. The battle scene doesnt attract much.. Rather I will see TROY again.... But some Urdu lines were great ( I hope I understood some atleast:D)

Ila arun is superb, Shotgun sinha's wife can't act... HEMU looked straight out from Bhojpuri flick sets...

AR REHMAN Disappointed!!! One good track was "KHWAJA MERE KHWAJA".. Alas, this was killed by Ashu's picturization Cos Akbar actually joins the dancers!! :( All I had was POPCORN in my hands " Popcorn khaaja re khaaja" i the mind...:(

Rehman could have made it interesting by adding two songs from my choice...
When an angry Jodhaa drops a purdah in front of Akbar, HE SHOULD HAVE RATHER SUNG "Purdah nashin ko be-purdaah na kar doon to, Akbar mera naam nahin hain"??????? ..

And as my friend pointed out the theme of the whole movie was about AKBAR the great getting LAID.... Rehman could have used "WOULD U GONNA BED WID ME???" ... but thank god AR never lifts any tunes for free!!...

And thanks again for introducing that new voice of Javed ali in "IN LAMHON"..... He surely may REPLACE SONU NIGAM Soon...:D
BUT LUCKILY WE SHOULD THANK ASHU FOR NOT SIGNING HIMESH RESHAMMIYA THE GREAT!!! for doing music... He would have had his FAMOUS QAWWALI with lovely lyrics "I love you O Sayyoni...... Koi shaq?"!!!! AKBAR Would have got RID of Faizi/TANSEN etc and placed this fellow in his COURT ( naah, not HAREM :P) for ever!!!

And This movie is noway closer to K.Asif's "Mugal-E-Azam"... it can only be claimed "PAAGAL-E-AZAM!!" which ends up giving Bahadur shah zafar's ending to the great Akbar through this movie... :D

It looks like Hrithik wanted this film desperately... Among SHEHENSHAH/BAADSHAH war of the Bollywood stars for the No.1 position, he has calmed down himslef by calling AZEEM-o-SHAAN SHEHENSHAAH==AKBAR tHE GREAT"..... Khud ka naam ROSHAN jo karna tha!!!!

Anyways where are the war veterans like JP.DUTTA saab??? what if Panipat is over??? there is more still... battle of runnthambore, ruckus tangadi....And heroes like LANGDA TAIMUR..... Come right ON!!! you can do it....:DDDD

rating: **

Maqsood Bhai, from Munnabhai MBBS.. same old guy who is apparently, seen in Airtel ads these days ( who gave first jhaadoo ki jhappi to Munna)…. His contribution to Indian cinema would be one dialogue [b]”ABEY, RULAAYEGA KYA??”[/b].. He will always be remembered for this my opinion..

Same thing, happened way back in 1975..!! “ITHNA SANNATA KYON HAI BHAI” was the dialogue in SHOLAY… mouthed by none other than “NOT SO ANGRY”-GRAND OLD MAN of bollywood!! AK HANGAL… -[b]AVTAAR KISHAN HANGAL[/b]… he is much older than even the original [b]AUTOMAT KALSHNIKOV[/b] AK-47/100 etc… Come to think of it!! he wasn’t playing MOGAMBO, GABBAR etc etc..!! For even a kid to remember/refer this dialogue the ACTOR must have some substance, from the way it was delivered.

Tough to imagine that after 32 yrs of bringing to life an old, blind and frail maulvi, he continues as strongly as ever. Last seen in one Ad on TV [b]“BOODHA HOGA TERA BAAP[/b]..U should just notice the way he raises his eybrows in the last scene of ad..
[u]Overheard: Even Samuel Jackson, the old man from Hollywood is planning to use this dialogue…[/u]

There are countless PJs cracked on this great soul.!!
[b]” jiska naam A.K. Hungal ho wo to paida hote hi buddha ho gaya” [/b] ref: Golmal
A story goes that when this guy was born he skipped his teenage was born old. Because there was no one who has seen this actor in his younger days. One can’t claim that I have seen KUMBLE’s Deliveries really turing on spin pitch or I have seen AK HANGAL, as a young man. YES, TRUE!!! Other oldies like Sriram lagoo, Khulbhooshan kharbanda also have shown their young face on screen sometime… But not, Hangal saab, the insufferable dude!! (But then I AM , ME..!! I go beyond ur imagination, where ur brains stops thinking..!! I have this really young HANGAL SAAB’s pic for you on display)

When Evergreen Stars Like REKHA, BIG B, RAJANI act shamelessly “much younger than their actual age”character, you need somebody suitable to play their GRAND-PA on screen.. SO I m sure it’s a GOD’S GIFT TO bollywood…

There is other jokes like what if Hangal saab, produces Chunkey Pandey starrer movie!! It would be called “HANGAL PANDEY”..rubbish!!! is this way u treat real heroes.??

Hunglooo, means Deer in Kashmiri . So, when this Kashmiri Pandit’s fly migrated to Sialkot region in Pakistan the name stuck as HANGAL… his folks were well off and were public servant in British regime… But, fortunately AK was rebellious and never , liked to lick British boots. He thought of tailoring instead. Music,Theater was his passion. He continued to be freedom fighter and staunch follower of khan abdul gafar khan- [b]Frontier Gandhi!![/b].. After he partition he followed his heart and shifted to Mumbai.Worked as a Tailor.. BUT was very late when he understood he was [b]tailor-made[/b] for films…..

All credits to HRISHI DA!! For getting him to bollywood through [b]GUDDI[/b].. if u remember GUDDI had teenager Jaya Badhuri as well… Now she has grown really old… BUT OUR DUDE, "HANGAL UNKIL" IS STILL THE SAME!!!! Even in LAGAAN…

This very natural actor just like Ashok kumar, acted in many movies Sholay,Sharaarat,Lagaan,Namak Haram ,Naram Garam , Thakshak,Satyam Shivam Sundaram , Ploice Public,Dastak, Pasand apni apni… This CHARACTERED “Character artist” was only seen twice as a baddie .. One was ARJUN(sunny starrer) I don’t remember that Mithun da flick!!!My choices are

1) BAWARCHI—Acts as a drunkard husband of Durga Khote. His dad addresses him as MUNNA…Possibly the only chance u'd ever see A K hangal being called Munna! Priceless!LOL
2) AANDHI—As a humble servant Brinda Kaka who is instrumental and key witness of the story of suchitra sen ( was she playing Indira Gandhi [;)]) and sanjeev Kumar
3)SAATH-SAATH- As professor !!!! It was nice to see my friend Pravin da in the classroom when he was teaching.... [:D]

Last seen in PAHELI as choodiwaala, AK now lives at santacruz with his son cameramen vijay hangal happily. For more read his autobiography, "Life and Times of A.K. Hangal" :D

I have just two complaints…

1) Why has LIC of India notmade him the real BRAND AMBASSADOR???
2) Why Ekta Kapoor did not consider this great actor for any of her ageing roles..???? Y Y Y ???? …….
As he says in
LAGAAN---“"Laga bhi nahi tha ke ye din bhi dekh pavunga"

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